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Man boob exercises that actually works

One major reason that results in man boobs or gynecomastia is lack of activity. A sedentary lifestyle is very harmful; this fact has been emphasised upon, time and again, by various healthcare experts. Hence, if you are one of them who face the problem of man boobs because of your inactive lifestyle then, now is the time to start exercising. In the long run, it will resolve your problem of man boobs and also, make you healthy and fit.

man boob exercises

Starting an Exercise Routine

When you have been non-active for some time, you cannot just jump into a rigorous exercise routine. You need to prepare the body for the same. So start small and gradually increase your workout.

  • Start a Cardiovascular Routine – high-intensity cardio along with interval training has been seen to reduce chest fat. A high-intensity cardio for 20 mins will reduce more chest fat as compared to a medium intensity workout for one hour. If your joints and body permits then start your cardio routine by running. This will get your heart pumping and breathing conditioned. After running you can move on to lifting free weights, this will exercise your chest muscles. Rowing is another cardio workout that helps tighten the chest and thereby reduce the fat deposits around the breast area. The similar impact will be seen with elliptical training and swimming. The idea is to concentrate on the muscles in your arms and chest. As fats from this area reduce and your muscles get toned, the man boobs will also start reducing automatically. Cardio workout is essential as it drastically increases the energy consumption in your body. The effect is that the body attacks its fat reserves to get this energy quickly. Hence, a tremendous reduction in fatty tissue. Man boobs are also fatty Therefore, the fat reduction will reflect here as well in the form of diminishing breast size.


  • Strength Training – Strength training helps in building muscles. When added to the cardio routine, it will increase your metabolism and help you burn fatter. In other words, it will enhance your workout. Push ups, chest presses, pilatesetc., are all a part of strength training that have special bearing on hands and chest. Strength training will help you add mass and bulk to your body. This means that it will help tighten your muscles and give your body a more sculpted look. The more tight and sculpted the body muscles, the lesser is the fat deposit. In case of man boobs a sculpted, and well-defined body means no more existence of women like big breasts. There are other forms of strengthening exercises as well, other than what have been mentioned You can get a physical training instructor to help you chart a strength training routine for yourself.


Exercising is the best form of ensuring a hale and hearty living. The good feeling of being fit that you get after an intense body workout makes your outlook towards life also, cheerful. Compare yourself to the time when you were lethargic and now, once you have started working out. Your issue of man boobs is decreasing each day, you do not feel like a social outcast any more and above all each day you have extra energy to do all things that you probably wanted to but, your body was not allowing because of its unfit state.

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