Scientifically Proven Brain Exercises To Improve Memory

Ways to improve memory

Memory is essential to learning and the ability to retain information as well as to access the information stored in the brain, when needed.

There are certain exercises that stimulate the brain and have been scientifically proven to improve memory.

1. Games

It may seem like you are relaxing or switching off while playing those addictive puzzle and logic games on your mobile device, computer or gaming console when in fact the opposite is true.

Every time you complete a level or even get close, small amounts of dopamine are released in the brain. This is a neurotransmitter that improves your mood as well as improves memory and concentration.

A lack of dopamine has been related to diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which both affect brain function and memory.

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2. Physical Exercise

Physical exercise stimulates cardiovascular activity therefore increasing blood flow to the brain. Blood carries oxygen and other nutrients which are essential for optimal brain function.

Exercise also increases the amount of oxygen to the brain and the more oxygen that the brain receives, the better it’s ability to focus, concentrate and memorize.

Getting up and stretching and performing some simple exercises for just a few minutes every few hours can improve memory. Like puzzles, exercise also encourages the release of certain chemicals in the body which are called stimulants.

These chemicals stave off lethargy as well as stimulate brain function which are both essential components of memory function.

Meditation can help increase dompamine levels

3. Meditation

This is perhaps the ultimate brain exercise which relies on actually training the brain to focus and concentrate for certain periods of time.

The ability to focus and concentrate is important to improving memory. The process of meditation also relieves stress which enables the brain to function better. It results in a state of relaxation which can have similar effects on the brain to a good night’s rest.

Like physical exercise, meditating for just a few minutes a day can boost brain power and practice makes perfect.

The more you meditate, the longer you will be able to maintain focus and boost your brain power as well as memory.

All these brain exercises not only have proven results in improving brain power and memory but there is evidence that suggests that they delay the onset of certain neurological diseases, slow the progress of the diseases and reduce the symptoms if these debilitating conditions.