Anti Cancer Benefits of Using Graviola supplements

Though Graviola supplements can be used for a number of health benefits but mostly they are used for killing cancerous cells as it has been proved that the chemicals available in it are 10,000 times stronger than other medications and supplements used for this purpose.

Graviola soursop anti cancer propertiesThe Graviola supplements are derived from the fruits of a super herb or tree of Graviola found in the rainforests of Amazon in southern America and is known for its powerful effect on cancer due to its antioxidant properties which support your immune system. The graviola trees with this nutritional property usually grow up to 15-30 feet high. The fruits of this tree look like a spiked melon with delicious custard like texture but its bark and leaves are considered to the best benefits for your health. The natives of Amazon consume the bark and leaves of this tree to make healing teas to treat wide range of ailments from liver issues to arthritis to parasitic problems like cancer. Though the anti-cancer properties of Graviola supplements have not been approved by FDA until now but still its wide range of other health benefits cannot be ignored.

Health benefits of Graviola supplements

  • It offers protection against early aging due to the highly active antioxidant elements found in them
  • It helps in stimulating blood circulation in your system
  • It supports your whole immune system
  • It helps in draining out your lympathic system

Facts about Anti-cancer benefits of Graviola supplements

Though various websites have popularised Graviola supplements for its anti-cancer effects but FDA has objected it and told them not to publish the claims of its anti-cancer effects even if they approve it as an effective immune booster. Various researchers have spent lots of time and money on researching on the anti-cancer effect of Graviola along with various other plants like pawpaw etc. According to their findings the compounds in Graviola supplement appeared to be powerful at slowing down the growth of cancer cells along with leaving normal cells remarkably. But their results are not trusted by FDA and other researchers as they were based on test tube trials instead of clinical trials. Still many people use Graviola supplements for treating various other ailments along with killing cancer cells on the basis of their personal researches and past experiences, even if it has not been approved by FDA. The lack of study of Graviola supplements on human cancer cells has also made its use doubtful for FDA for curing cancer and other diseases

Thus, if you want to use Graviola supplements to treat your or any of your loved ones cancerous cells then you should spend some time to make extensive research online or consult your doctor to know more about the risks and benefits of this natural product. You can also consult a number of science books and journals available online in this regard before taking Graviola supplements as effective anti-cancer medicine as it has not been approved by FDA, even if it has been used for this purpose in southern America since thousands of years.